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The Reagan Lincoln Republicans of A Shining City on a Hill attempt to uphold the vision of America of Ronald Reagan and of Abraham Lincoln who both said famously that America is the world’s “last best hope.”   It is our hope to return the entire Republican Party to the political vision of Liberty and Justice for all of these two great American presidents. The Reagan Lincoln Republicans seek to be a voice of Reason in a world that has gone half mad with the Democrats’ outrageous Liberal Leviathan statism. And as Ronald Reagan said, “If we fail,” let it be said of us, “We did all that could be done.”   


  Without the Judeo-Christian worldview there is no true Republic or Commonwealth, no “Shining City on a Hill,” and no hope for America. It is only in restoring A Shining City on a Hill vision in its fullness that we can restore America.   And it is only Democrats and very confused Republicans that stand squarely in the way of this crucial restoration of our Republic and its founding vision. All those that stand in the way of such a restoration must be utterly, totally and completely defeated in the arena of political ideas, debate, and discussion.  The Reagan Lincoln Republican plan for victory over all Liberals, Humanists, and Democrats.   View THE PLATFORM of the Reagan Lincoln Republicans.