Below is a copy of the (9 page) Reagan Lincoln Republican Platform (with a 2 page Glossary) that is designed to express the highest ideals of Reagan, Lincoln, the Republican Party and the American founders.  It is meant to be something ALL Republicans can get behind in order to re-establish the Republic on these ideals and soundly defeat the Democrat Party and its faulty, statist, utopian vision for America.


2014 Vision for Victory Platform

On Being a Reagan Lincoln Republican


On Just Principles of Good Government


The Reagan Lincoln movement within the Republican Party is made up of self-described conservatives, Tea Party activists, Independents, Libertarians, disillusioned Democrats, and even traditional Establishment Republicans who are truly in the tradition of Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln. Along with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Reagan and Lincoln are the guiding lights for our ideals, beliefs, and political position.  Our goal is to give unity to today’s Republican Party by providing it with a new sense of direction and purpose, inspired by the Tea Party’s agenda of limited Constitutional government with fiscal responsibility, free and fair market solutions, and individual pursuit of happiness in good citizenship with Liberty and Justice for all.


A Reagan Lincoln Republican believes primarily, and first and foremost, in one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. We believe in Liberty under the Just rule of law, and in electing legislators seeking the Wisdom of Solomon in order to create that Just law.  We Reagan Lincoln Republicans hold that the Democrat Party is almost completely wrong, and on the wrong side of history, on virtually every single major issue of our time, as are their fiscally-irresponsible, crony-capitalist Republican allies.


Hence, as Reagan Lincoln Republicans we reject the foolishness of the undesirable extremes of both the statist Democrat on the Left and the thinly veiled social Darwinist on the Right.  We believe in limited government, not no government, and not government simply to benefit some interest group or collection of interest groups over and against the Common Good. Just and desirable government as envisioned by the founders and the Constitution is to make laws for the Good of the nation as a whole, that is, laws that “promote the general Welfare” or the Common Good (just as the American founders openly stated as the purpose of good government, as did Thomas Aquinas). Just government is, in essence, creating laws (or rules and regulations) to promote the harmonious interaction of all truly legitimate parts of the body politic in order to “secure the Blessings of Liberty” for all citizens. Good laws deal with the general body politic but also make provisions to protect the least among us as well as restrain possible abuses of power and of the governmental system by the more well to do and well connected.


Hence, we Reagan Lincoln Republicans seek not license or anarchy but Liberty under the Just rule of law, and we seek legislators who will legislate in Wisdom to this ends, and not to the ends of interest group advantage as done by Democrats on the Left and some Establishment Republicans on the Right. These two humanistic extremes (of the Left and Right) are foolish, undesirable and destructive to the nation and its unity and common vision of Liberty and Justice for all.  These two undesirable extremes could be called “all government intervention” and “no government intervention.”  The fact is some desirable, Wise and Just government intervention into the society and economy is the very purpose of legislation and of regulation of commerce, etc., but “some intervention” does not justify complete intervention into virtually all areas of society by government as today’s Democrat Party entitlement statism attempts.  In short, this means we do not have to choose between the two paths of anarchy or thinly veiled social Darwinism of the rich, the powerful, and the influential on the one extreme, and Democrat Party entitlement statism, on the other.


Hence, we Reagan Lincoln Republicans utterly, totally and completely reject the so-called “two paths” theory of the Democrat Party today, as first espoused by FDR in his Second Bill of Rights but not practically and overtly advocated and adopted by the Democrat Party, as a whole, until Jimmy Carter.  What are the supposed only two paths? A virtual Fascism or thinly veiled social Darwinism on the Right and utopian, dysfunctional, entitlement statism of the Democrat Party on the Left.  As Republicans in the tradition of the American founders, we hold to (what is in essence) a reasonable, third middle path between these clearly undesirable extremes, a path with Liberty under the Just rule of law created by the Wise legislature doing the Right thing for the nation as a whole, and we completely reject the supposed desirability of the foolish, utopian, irresponsible, amoral, impractical entitlement statism of today’s Democrat Party.




Positive Rights and Entitlements

There are no “positive rights” and, hence, there are no “entitlements.”  Technically, the state or government does not owe anybody, anything, simply because they are an American citizen.  FDR and today’s Democrat Party are utterly, totally and completely wrong on this. “Positive rights” are utopian, irrational and undesirable, and virtually self-evidently so. The state cannot guarantee everybody a good job, house, education, recreation, etc., and it is not obligated to, but without question the government should enact laws and policies that promote these ends and social goods.  However, attempting to provide everything for everybody “equally” is called “social justice,” but in truth it is no Justice at all!  Egalitarianism or equality of outcomes enforced by the state is the height of injustice!  FDR, Barack Obama in his Second Inaugural Address, and the entire Democrat Party are just wrong on this, and it is absurd, it is Kafkaesque, not Lincolnesque, to suggest an egalitarian ideal was the vision of Thomas Jefferson or even of Martin Luther King as Obama and today’s Democrat Party do.


Civil Rights

The civil rights of Martin Luther King dealing with desegregation dealt with the Liberty and Justice for all of Thomas Jefferson, where one is judged by “the content of one’s character” and not by “the color of one’s skin.”  This American ideal is known as “equality of opportunity” and not “equality of outcomes.” “Equality of outcomes” is a faulty and undesirable egalitarianism. It is the opposite of what King and Jefferson advocated, but tragically this faulty view of civil rights as “equality of outcomes” has completely taken over today’s Democrat Party, but we Republicans in the tradition of Lincoln stand proudly and unwaveringly with Jefferson and King and, yet again, for Liberty and Justice for all, and against today’s truly misguided Democrat Party on civil rights.




As conservative Republicans seeking the Just rule of law, we hold that amnesty for illegal immigrants or a so-called “pathway to citizenship” is clearly not in the best interest of the nation as a whole, and it rewards lawbreaking, and citizenship is most certainly not a human right or a civil right as today’s Democrat Party holds. Today’s Democrat Party is simply, completely, 180-degrees wrong on this. Citizenship as a human or civil right or positive right simply for standing on the soil of a nation is a ridiculously absurd notion, and though blanket citizenship for illegals might be a very compassionate thing to do (as some argue), compassion alone, as such, is simply not a standard to use for Wise and Just legislation for the good of the nation as a whole. Others hold amnesty will be good for big business. This idea is very questionable, but, regardless, on this point we conservative Republicans, as the Party of Lincoln, hold good for big business or even good for big labor for that matter (as with any other special interest group) is also not a standard to use for Wise and Just legislation for the good of the nation as a whole. 

Further, some well-meaning Christians pull various Bible passages out of context and try to use them as justifications for amnesty in a completely inappropriate manner.  Biblical concepts of Justice and Righteousness support the conservative notion of passing legislation for the general well-being of the nation, and indeed the Bible along with classical philosophy is the very source of the concept of Justice espoused by the American Constitution and by today’s conservative Republicans, and this classical and Biblical concept of Justice most definitely does not support a general amnesty. Interest group politics whether of big business, big labor, ethnic groups or otherwise is a humanistic form of government that inherently works against the Common Good and against one nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all, and anything that contributes to interest-group, ethnic or other balkanization of a nation is generally not desirable.


Social Security

Social Security is incorrectly and falsely labeled an “entitlement.”  Social Security is a mandatory retirement and insurance plan.  Its money belongs to those who paid into it, and that money is in the Social Security Trust Funds.  Unfortunately, the career politicians of both Parties have spent the Social Security Trust Fund money of the American people on their special-interest, little-and-big pet projects.  This is virtually criminal, and presumably one would go to jail for doing such a thing in the private sector.  Shakespeare said when we take control the first thing we do is “kill all the lawyers”! 

In this case, one is tempted to say the first thing we do is “put all of the professional politicians in jail” for this, in essence, moral crime dealing with the Social Security Trust Funds, but such a thing, of course, is not possible, desirable or realistic, but voting all professional politicians of both Parties out of office is completely possible, desirable and realistic.  Rare will be the American citizen for whom this squandering of the Social Security Trust Fund money is not an outrage when the facts become known? This is by far the greatest financial scandal in the history of the nation, and it is only opposed by Tea Party and other conservative Republican groups.


Global Warming

Until Global warming is scientifically established and as caused by carbon dioxide, specifically, we hold that the theory should not be taught in the schools as scientific fact, and the theory should not be used to influence or inform public policy or law as currently done by today’s Democrat Party. While we conservative Republicans support a clean environment and love the remarkable and natural beauty of God’s creation, we reject the unrealistic, undesirable and utopian back-to-nature movement of the Left and of radical environmentalists.


Fiscal Responsibility

Both political Parties of today’s professional politicians hold that “deficits don’t matter” and a sound dollar is not necessary for a strong America.  This is utterly ridiculous, and, further, without question the Federal Reserve needs Congressional oversight, which is, of course, strongly opposed by Democrats and crony-capitalist Republicans. We Republicans strongly disagree. We conservative Republicans stand for fiscally-responsible statesmanship and for establishing Justice for the well-being of the nation as a whole.



Common Core needs to be thoroughly vetted.  Tragically, the Democrat Party has not even un-thoroughly vetted it!  Yet again, today’s Democrat Party is almost completely wrong, but at least today’s Democrat Party is consistent!  Consistently, completely wrong!  And, yet again, only conservative Republicans are working for meaningful education reform to give our children a decent education and the taxpayers their money’s worth, and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to seeing these goals accomplished. Education should be based on traditional values and concepts of learning and on a common American vision of Liberty and Justice for all as stated in the Constitution and founding documents and not upon moral relativism nor upon divisive and radical concepts of multiculturalism and diversity.

Multiculturalism as advocated by the Left today is highly destructive to the nation, and our nation’s motto is E Pluribus Unum or, that is to say, “One Out of Many,” and it is not the multicultural opposite of “Many Out of One.” The Democrat Party is completely wrong on this radical multiculturalism, and we Republicans believe in excellence in education for all children and not a supposed education ideal of “No Child Left Behind,” which openly strives for a truly undesirable, egalitarian equality of outcomes in education.


Religious Faith

As Constitutional Republicans, we believe in the separation of church and state as defined and intended by the Constitutional framers, and we reject entirely the radical secularists’ and humanists’ living Constitution views on this matter as asserted by Liberals and the Democrat Party.  And if today’s Democrat Party wishes to practice a faulty Christian Liberalism of the Social Gospel, social justice, liberation theology, and similar things, it is best left in the church because such religious confusions tend to generate equally faulty theories of the state and of the economy as well, and such religious confusions are often the cause of today’s misguided and irrational theories of positive rights and the entitlement state, say today’s Democrats themselves, such as Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.  By contrast FDR’s original justification for his utopian, undesirable and un-Just positive-rights entitlement state was purely secular.  FDR at least had the good graces not, shamelessly, to invoke “Jesus” as the supposed justification for his self-serving, misguided Leftist policies of economic or egalitarian “equality” in the name of a supposed Christian “collective (economic) salvation,” of all things.


“Paying fair share”

Those with more wealth and income will inevitably pay more in taxes, and this is, indeed, only “fair.”  However, we Republicans reject entirely the entitlement state notion of “fair share” as being yet another formulation of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”  This classic Marxist concept is a terrible, unworkable economic model, and it reflects, yet again, a faulty, collectivist, egalitarian statism.



Obamacare was obviously ill conceived and disastrously executed, and it should be replaced by an efficient, cost-effective new system that is market driven and customer-patient oriented. In fact, Obamacare would probably be better labeled Democrat-Party-Care since it is their brainchild, and it appears to incorporate the worst aspects of private and public healthcare into one very costly and inefficient system, but it is simply unfair to blame what is widely held to be a big mess on one man, and responsibility for Obamacare and its unprecedented contemptuous dishonesties to the American people should be placed, for better or worse, on the Democrat Party as a whole.


Free markets, individual responsibility and good citizenship

We Republicans believe that we should seek market solutions to economic and social problems wherever possible because free and open competition is generally the best way to ensure quality as well as create the wealth of the nation while at the same time containing costs, prices, and unfair or windfall profits. Contrary to the opinion of Barack Obama and today’s Democrat Party, free markets, especially for a moral and religious people, have generally “worked” for the good of the society, and worked well, except when left completely to their own devices or to the intrigues of unscrupulous men, which can cause them to be subject to extreme boom and bust cycles as we saw in 1929 and 2008. 

Today’s Democrat Party and Barack Obama in his famous Kansas speech are simply wrong on this matter with their anti-free market, redistribution models as the basis for a truly prosperous or growing economy, where each person can freely pursue his or her own happiness in the fullest sense of the word.   The entitlement state, which openly attempts to have an equality of outcomes, is a statist, redistribution-based economy which does not produce the wealth of a nation, and it undermines human dignity and true personal fulfillment as well as individual responsibility and good citizenship.


Home ownership

Home ownership is a general ideal, but it is not necessarily attainable or desirable for all people.  Having said this, the Western ideal for society for millennia has been we each can sit with our own families under our own vine and fig tree in peace and security. 

We Republicans totally reject the Democrat Party’s competing “Julia model,” where the government takes care of “Julia” from birth to death, while she contributes virtually nothing worthwhile to the larger society, which is working full time to support her and the massive state needed to take care of her along with her children.  Truth be told, this is all a bad deal even for poor Julia, herself, because she never really gets “a life,” tragically. The entitlement-state Democrat Party should be ashamed of itself and should apologize to the nation, and to all the “Julias” of this world.


It takes a family, not a village

Obviously we exist in local communities which we are a part of, and they are where we live and interact and raise our families and have meaningful and fulfilling lives with their various activities and seasons of life from youth to old age.  This is ideally a harmonious interaction of individuals, families, businesses, schools, churches, community groups, and so forth.  But it does not take a village, the federal government or the United Nations to raise a child.  Republicans in the tradition of Washington, Jefferson, and the American founders utterly, totally and completely reject this current, collectivist, Democrat Party goal and ideal.


Government Bureaucracy and Employment

Again, by its very existence government does not inherently owe anybody, anything, let alone everything as asserted by the humanistic concepts of positive rights, entitlement, and social justice of today’s Democrat Party and as the very point of the Democrat Party’s existence, indeed, as its very reason for being.   The government cannot force private business to hire people. 

This is an utterly ridiculous notion that is a central tenet of FDR’s Democrat Party. Further, the government does not owe everyone nor anyone a job, and certainly not at a wage of the employed’s choosing. However, government has the right to hire people as deemed by law and to pay those so employed as also deemed by law, today’s Democrat Party notwithstanding, and all government programs, agencies and departments should be systematically reviewed by legislative oversight to determine effectiveness and necessity.


Understandable Laws and Litigious Society

We, as a nation, need to move as much as possible to clear, understandable laws as well as to a clearer, simpler, and more efficient, effective, and understandable tax code and to the creation of clear, understandable private contracts to protect the ordinary citizen from exploitation and to promote free and open competition, and we need to restore reasonable concepts of liability. 

Only conservative Republicans have expressed concerns on these matters and such reforms are generally opposed by both  Democrats and crony-capitalist Establishment Republicans alike, yet again, as these two groups are firmly entrenched on the highly undesirable and unreasonable ground of the far Left and the far Right in today’s national government! Oh, the tragedy of it all in Washington DC! 


Homosexual marriage, abortion, and the death penalty

By the moral and social standards of the last 4000 years in Western civilization, the idea that marriage is not between a man and woman is preposterous, if not just flatly silly, and we reject the idea entirely that marriage is not between a man and a woman. And we hold that all people, born and unborn, have a right to life, and the death penalty is appropriate in certain cases.  The Democrat Party is usually tragically, totally, and completely wrong on all of these issues.


The Constitution

We Reagan Lincoln Republicans hold to an understanding of the Constitution as envisioned and intended by the American founders, and we utterly, totally and completely reject the so-called “living Constitution” notion of the Democrat Party as utterly, totally and completely ridiculous and even absurd, no less, and we hold no judge is fit to sit on the bench who holds such “living Constitution” views.


National Sovereignty and National Security

We believe in having a strong and prepared military for national security and defense. We Republicans assert the rights of American sovereignty and, indeed, the rights under God of all sovereign nations. We reject globalist and humanist strategies to bring the nations of the world under United Nations control and to redistribute the wealth and resources of the world’s nations as espoused by the social justice theories of today’s Democrat Party and by various United Nations programs and as espoused by Barack Obama in his famous Berlin speech. 

Further, we believe in traditional concepts of national citizenship and that no one is in any meaningful sense a “citizen of the world” unless we have a sovereign, overarching one-world government, which is something we Republicans also firmly reject.  Rather, we support sovereign nations of the world harmoniously interacting with each other in peace and prosperity to whatever extent that can be made a reality.


Today’s three Concepts of Justice

America and the world today, more generally, must decide between three competing concepts of government and “Justice.” 

1.) Some think imposing the “Justice” of Sharia Law in America will solve all our problems and that Sharia Law is basically the vision of Jefferson and the American Founders. This latter point was expressed by the leader of today’s Democrat Party, Barack Obama, in his famous Cairo speech, and it is, indeed, a ludicrous view and pure historical revisionism, and we Republicans firmly reject this identification of the American founding with Sharia Law, and, in truth, Sharia Law is clearly not a desirable or realistic option for America today. 

2.) “Social Justice” holds that the purpose of the state is to implement positive rights and entitlements, and, hence, the state’s primary purpose and the primary purpose of economic activity as well as the primary purpose of each individual’s life is supposedly to redistribute wealth in an altruistic or self-sacrificing manner in order to achieve, ideally, an egalitarian or, that is, exact “equality” (“classless”) society, but this is not a general or desirable model for the state or the economy or, for that matter, for the individual’s life. “Social Justice” models are usually based on faulty and un-Biblical notions of Christian Liberalism, the Social Gospel or Liberation Theology. 

The “Social Justice” models of today’s Democrat Party are clearly a bad idea for the nation, and they have no sound Biblical basis, and we conservative Republicans firmly reject such notions as the basis for the nation or the economy. And, further, such models reflect, yet again, the faulty two paths theory of today’s Democrat Party, in this case in terms of selfishness versus altruism as supposedly life’s only two choices, when in fact the desirable path for the economy, the society and the individual is a middle path of cooperative interaction and moral or mutual self-interest.

3.) Classical or Biblical Justice is passing laws (in Wisdom) that promote the harmonious interaction of all citizens in order to secure the blessings of Liberty for the nation as a whole, while at same time giving personal fulfillment to all individuals, potentially, as each person pursues his or her own mutual or moral interest in cooperative economic and other activity.

Classical or Biblical Justice was the goal of the American founders, and it is the very purpose of the American Constitution, and we Reagan Lincoln Republicans firmly, proudly and unwaveringly assert it not only as the founding vision of America but also as obviously in the best interests of the nation and of the people of America today, Democrats and crony-capitalist Republicans notwithstanding.


America at a Crossroads, we face three options:

1.) The first option is the radically Leftist “Social Justice” agenda of Obama and today’s Democrat Party based on supposed positive rights (where virtually everything is, potentially, to be supplied by the state, “equally”), but this is an agenda that is fiscally irresponsible as well as being divisive, utopian, unworkable, impractical, unjust, amoral and irrational.  This is sometimes derisively called The Nanny State where we are all to be “equally” nurtured and provided for as if children from birth to death by a Leviathan state. We all are, in essence, to work for the State, which supposedly has the right to the fruits of everyone’s labors in order to redistribute them equally. Again, “Social Justice” is the height of injustice; indeed, “Social Justice” is the opposite of true Justice where each has the right to the fruit of his own labor.

2.) The second option is the view of some Establishment Republicans, and it is only slightly less fiscally irresponsible, and it holds to a steady-as-she-goes, slower-growth continuation of the increasingly dysfunctional Leviathan Beast of Liberal entitlement statism.

3.) Finally, the third option is our view as Reagan Lincoln Republicans, and it asserts a reconstruction of entitlement statism for a more workable and effective national government based on a return to traditional American values and to the original vision of the founders as so beautifully and wonderfully expressed in the Preamble to the Constitution:  We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


Government with Liberty and Justice for all versus Liberalism and “Social Justice”

Clearly the Preamble to the Constitution seems to allow a good bit more latitude in legislation than some conservative Constitutional purists hold today. Therefore, today’s Democrat Party is not completely wrong on everything. However, on the larger point of Good government this is something of an irrelevant point because even without the Preamble common sense tells you that the Democrat Party is almost 180-degrees wrong on virtually every major issue of our time. Hence, the Democrat Party is leading our nation in the wrong direction into an ever-increasing, impractical, utopian, amoral, irrational, and unjust entitlement-statism based on “Social Justice.” Thus, the Democrat Party is truly on the wrong side of history in doing Good governance and God’s will for Good government in the story of mankind on earth.


Ronald Reagan’s spiritual vision: A Shining City on a Hill

God’s will for good government of a nation is “A Shining City on a Hill,” as Ronald Reagan was famous for saying, quoting John Winthrop, one of America’s founding Puritan pilgrims. Ronald Reagan held this Biblical notion of A Shining City on a Hill was a spiritual reality of Good versus the spiritual reality of the tyranny of Evil with its various forms of Statism.

Liberal entitlement statism with its faulty “Social Justice” is in fact a false, counterfeit Shining City because the Liberal entitlement statism of today’s Democrat Party does not produce a nation with true Liberty and true Justice for all.

The Christian, Puritan Winthrop wanted to see God’s will done for government where God’s “Kingdom come,” where God’s “will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” This is, indeed, the true source of American exceptionalism and why Lincoln called America “the world’s last, best hope.” America is to be one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all, thus, as a spiritual reality, A Shining City on a Hill. This was meant as a literal, Biblical, spiritual Kingdom of God reality come on earth, sometimes also called the City of God or the New Jerusalem.


America at a Crossroads:

Liberty and Justice for all or  Statism and Liberalism?

America stands at a crossroads today. Do we pursue the vision of Reagan, Lincoln, and the American founders of A Shining City on a Hill, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all, or do we pursue the false, counterfeit Shining City vision of Obama, the Left, and today’s Democrat Party based on “Entitlement Statism,” “Social Justice,” “Egalitarianism,” “Liberation Theology,” and “Liberalism,” all of which are amoral, unjust, impractical or utopian, and irrational?

This is an easy call for most ordinary Americans, but not an easy call for today’s Liberals.  Why? The foolishness of Liberalism is said to be like catching a contagious disease. And once one gets this disease of Liberalism, one tends to lose almost all common sense dealing with life, God, good, morality, the economy, and government. For the Liberal, often the only good is supposedly compassion, and the only evil is cruelty.

However, that Liberal view is foolishness to common sense and also foolishness to desirable, Good, Wise and Just legislation, which is the very purpose of the legislator doing God’s will for government, for A Shining City on a Hill, in a nation living in peace and harmony with Liberty and Justice for all, built, as Reagan said, on the solid Rock of God’s Truth or, as the American founders said, built on “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” So, no less than the original signers of the Declaration of Independence, we as Reagan Lincoln Republicans pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to this noble end of the will of God come on earth for Good, Wise and Just government as in the vision of the American founders, so help us, God.








Collective Salvation is a term of Liberation Theology that has nothing to do with Christian salvation.  It means “group (economic or political) deliverance.”  It is, in essence, a non-violent dictatorship of the proletariat or other supposed oppressed groups for wealth redistribution to make us all equal, which is known as egalitarianism.  (Please note: Christian salvation, as such, has to do with individual new spiritual Life in Christ, and it has nothing to do with setting up a dictatorship of the proletariat, the poor, the marginalized, the excluded, etc.)


Collectivism as the term is generally used refers to an economic and social system over and against free enterprise and individual liberty. When the Left says “Common Good” it usually means collectivism, which is generally the opposite of classical Common Good of individual Liberty and individual well-being.


Common Good, classically defined, is the government’s doing what is best for the nation as whole and not simply doing things to the advantage of a special interest group or collection of interest groups. Common Good, classically defined, is generally the harmonious and free interaction of all the parts of the body politic in a way that ultimately benefits the nation as a whole, or “the wealth of the nation,” says Adam Smith, famously.


Crony Capitalism is a false capitalism that thrives off of corruption and special favors from government.


Egalitarianism is the view that “Justice” is supposedly being done when all have been made exactly “equal” by the government in all areas of life and the economy.  Egalitarianism is the “equality” (or sometimes called “classless”) society of “Marxism” in the broader or generic sense of the word.


Entitlement is what one is supposedly “entitled” to be given by the state, as a supposed “human right.”  (This idea is irrational and utopian, and it has no historical basis.)


The Gospel is Jesus died on the Cross for our sins in order to give us new spiritual Life in Him by faith and by repenting or turning to follow Him (compare with Social Gospel).


Higher Moral Law or the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, as the American founders would say, is simply that there is a real Right and Wrong in the Nature of things that is above the positive, legislated laws of the state, so that, the state can in fact make good and bad laws.


Justice (classically and Biblically defined) is getting one’s appropriate due, or treating equals equally, or, more generally, it is the harmonious interaction of the all parts of the body for the (appropriate) well-being of all in peace and prosperity.


Leviathan is the massive, all-powerful Beast state that is in the Bible to be slain by the good guys in the last days.


Liberation Theology is generally a form of non-violent Marxism, whose ends is to achieve the exactly “equal” society and the dictatorship of the proletariat as the supposed point of Jesus and the New Testament. (This is utterly ridiculous.)


Liberty, classically defined, is either free from foreign dominance or the freedom to do as one wishes under the Just rule of law, and it is opposed to “license,” which is a false Liberty unrestrained by the Just rule of law.


Marxism, technically, is the overthrow of a government by violent revolution for the government to seize ownership of the means of production in order to achieve the exactly “equal” or egalitarian society.  Marxism, more generally today, refers to any political agenda that seeks to achieve this “equality” or egalitarian society by whatever means (as Obama and the Pope).


Positive Rights are things the state can, should, and must provide for people. (This idea violates common sense and historical notions of God-given rights.)


A Shining City on a Hill is a Biblical allusion for the nation doing God’s will with Liberty and Justice for all. (This is, as Reagan understood, a Kingdom spiritual reality of the New Jerusalem.)


The Social Gospel is a false Gospel that substitutes acts of Christian compassion for a salvation message of new spiritual Life in Christ (compare the Gospel).


Social Justice is the label put on the activity of the state’s making us all equal, economically and otherwise.  We are all supposedly “entitled” to an equal share of the nation’s and the world’s wealth, and getting that equal share is called social or economic justice.


Statism holds that there is no Higher Moral Law of God, and that the State is a de facto God, and the State is to be a massive Leviathan to control all aspects of life and the economy.

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