Justice and Social Justice

A SHINING CITY ON A HILL is a vision of God's will for Good, Just, and Righteous government done in Wisdom, and it is not a Liberal or utopian ideal for government attempting to a leftist Social Justice, but rather it is a practical, moral vision based on common sense and “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” of Thomas Jefferson and the American founders and as seen in the Judeo-Christian worldview. A SHINING CITY ON A HILL is best summed up as “One nation, under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.”

 Part of the UNDERSTANDING Series:

 UNDERSTANDING Justice and Social Justice

There is probably no concept more misunderstood in the political, economic, and even church world today than the concept of “Social Justice.”  There is actually a modern history to the term and it can be used interchangeably with the terms Economic Justice and Distributive Justice, both of which more directly define what Social Justice is, namely, economic or wealth redistribution by a very large and powerful state that as a general principle denies people their appropriate economic due in the fruits of their own labor. Essentially as a general principle Social Justice, Economic Justice or Distributive Justice says people do not deserve the fruits of their own labor; someone else does and it is the job of a massive, all-powerful Leviathan state to take the fruits of people’s labor to itself in order to redistribute them to others as it sees fit.

By contrast, while allowing some wealth redistribution in some limited cases, classical and biblical Justice says that as a general rule people deserve the fruits of their own labor and it is the job of government to protect the people’s lives, property, and wealth. The Democrat Party since Lyndon Johnson has subscribed to the idea of Social, Economic or Distributive Justice based on FDR’s so-called “Entitlement” rights, which say that people are supposedly “entitled” to other people’s wealth and when they get that wealth given to them by an all-powerful and unjust Leviathan state, that is called Social, Economic or Distributive Justice, which is the opposite of classical or biblical Justice as well as American Constitutional Justice.

The truth is Social Justice is the devil’s counterfeit Justice, just as the Social Gospel (utopian compassion) is the devil’s counterfeit Gospel, and the two together make a counterfeit Kingdom Christianity, as most notably espoused by Jimmy Carter, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. The Democrats and Liberals’ Welfare and Entitlement states doing their Social Justice says the well-being of all the individuals in the society in all of their wants and needs is primarily the responsibility of a very large and all-controlling government. This is not only bad economics; it tends in the long run to be very dehumanizing.

True Kingdom Christianity has a sin-and-salvation Gospel message and a classical Liberty and Justice for all message based on the moral Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God in order to have free and harmonious interaction (economic and otherwise) of all the members of the body politic in order for each individual to fulfill their own well-being in the society as they see fit and to get their appropriate due, economic and otherwise, and the fruits of their own labor.