Frank Mitchell

There is only ONE issue in our time and it is the Democrats’ utopian vision for America and their otherwise corruption of everything decent, honorable, true or good in the history of America and Western civilization. This is totally outrageous and offensive, and especially so to people of traditional faith.

  It is all a matter of the competing worldviews. We must choose: The Judeo-Christian “one nation, under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all” worldview of the American founders or the outrageous Liberal, secular, hedonist, humanist and statist one of Social Justice of today’s Democrats, who can be utterly and totally defeated when all of these issues are properly and completely understood. It is all a matter of “education and organization,” without which we cannot win, with which we cannot lose.

If you share these goals and wish to help do effective action to restore America, Frank Mitchell, founder of The Reagan Lincoln Republicans will speak to your political, civic or religious group on this central issue of our time: "AMERICA AT A CROSSROADS: Liberty and Justice for all or the Left’s false “Social Justice”?"  

Frank Mitchell can be contacted at