Donald Trump's Place in History

   This book, Donald Trumpís Place in History: The Untold Story, is the Definitive White Paper Report on Donald J.

 Trump and his presidential campaign. The facts you will read in this book will surprise and astound you, but I can assure you to the best of my knowledge after many years of study and research, everything you will read in this book is completely true.

It would appear that Donald Trump is in the process of leading a worldwide movement of democratic nationalist populism against the globalist agenda for a one-world governmental authority over all the nations of the world as sought in such programs as the United Nations Agenda 2030, and in doing this is he showing all nations of the world how to return to being free, sovereign states with equal rights for all so we can all ultimately see a new and truly desirable international order of harmonious interaction between all the nations of the world in Peace, Justice, and Righteousness only dreamed of in previous generations.   Frank Mitchell founder of The Reagan Lincoln Republicans, website:

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