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Announcing a new video series on the "End Times" of the Bible:


In Revelation17 Babylon, the world-state Beast, turns on the Whore of Babylon riding upon her in order to destroy her, and 2 Thessalonians 2 says the actual end of the Church Age is here when the Great Falling Away occurs and the political "man of lawlessness" sits "in the Temple" and speaks "lying wonders" to the people. 

Is all of this happening right now in our day? Almost certainly so!  Who or what is Babylon, the Whore of Babylon, and even possibly the infamous "man of lawlessness"? 

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Also, perhaps, the most controversial book ever written:

Has Donald Trump been chosen by God to deliver America from her problems?

  Donald Trump's Place in History

                     The Untold Story

                                       by Frank Mitchell


Read this book and you will probably never view American politics the same again.


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A SHINING CITY ON A HILL is a vision of God's will for Good, Just and Righteous government done in Wisdom for the Common Good. In American history the term was first used by the early Puritan founder John Winthrop and in our time by President Ronald Reagan. According to historian and social political philosopher Frank Mitchell, A SHINING CITY ON A HILL is not a Leftist, Liberal or utopian ideal for government, but rather a practical, moral one based on the Wisely applied "Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” of Thomas Jefferson and the American founders and as seen in the Judeo-Christian worldview.


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   The Reagan Lincoln Republicans                                        

The Reagan Lincoln Republicans of A Shining City on a Hill attempt to uphold the vision of America of Ronald Reagan and of Abraham Lincoln who both said famously that America is the world’s “last best hope.”   It is our hope to return the entire Republican Party to the political vision of Liberty and Justice for all of these two great American presidents. The Reagan Lincoln Republicans seek to be a voice of Reason in a world that has gone half mad with the Democrats’ outrageous Liberal Leviathan statism. And as Ronald Reagan said, “If we fail,” let it be said of us, “We did all that could be done.” More info   



UNDERSTANDING  The 1000 Year Reign of Christ

UNDERSTANDING  America's Founding Vision

UNDERSTANDING  Christian Liberalism & "Salt and Light"

UNDERSTANDING  Statesmanship and A Shining City

UNDERSTANDING  Justice and Social Justice

UNDERSTANDING  Jefferson and the American Founding

UNDERSTANDING  The Three Constitutional Views

UNDERSTANDING  Conservatism, Liberty and the Constitution

UNDERSTANDING   Liberalism and Types of Conservatism

UNDERSTANDING   The Koran's Phony Islam

UNDERSTANDING   The D. James Kennedy Legacy



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The Issue of our time...  America at a Crossroads

In 1964 Ronald Reagan gave a speech called "A Time for Choosing"  between a free society with free enterprise or the Russian Communism of a command-and-control economy and society. Today we have a different decision. We are at a different crossroads with two opposing visions and worldviews for America.  Will America be "A Shining City on a Hill" with Liberty and Justice for all (as John Winthrop and Ronald Reagan envisioned and advocated) or we will choose the false vision of the Left and Democrat Party of entitlement statism with its false "Social Justice"?  The book A Shining City: America at a Crossroads outlines this stark and serious crossroads America stands at today.


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     Video: America-at-a-Crossroads   


     THE ISSUE OF OUR TIME: America at a Crossroads: Liberty and Justice for all, or the  Left's false "Social Justice"    

In this video Frank Mitchell outlines the stark and serious crossroads America stands at today.


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The two volume 4000 year story to Western Civilization...

 The Story of Western Philosophy

Today’s Leftists, Liberals and Humanists challenge the whole heritage of Western civilization upon which America is founded.  The foundation of America is “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” of the Judeo-Christian worldview as expressed by Thomas Jefferson and the American founders in the Declaration of Independence. There is actually a 4000 year story of Western civilization going back to Abraham in the Jerusalem tradition and to Heraclitus in the tradition of the ancient Greeks of Athens.  This 4000 year story is the subject of the two volume work The Story of Western Philosophy: The Rise and Fall and Return of Reason by Frank Mitchell.  This "story" traces the 4000 year history of God's will for good government from Abraham to the present day in relationship to various Greek philosophical schools or worldviews in terms of their Rationality or Logos validity, and how these topics relate to a Shining City "Kingdom come" vision. 

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